Eat Well, Waste Little

Lets combine the 2 things that are nagging at the back of our minds, can we eat well, waste little and still fit it into our busy lives?

We have all noticed the ABC program War Against Waste, did we watch it? Maybe.
Australians throw out $8 Billion of edible food a year.
Are we worried about how waste we are creating? Yes, of course. But what can we do about it?

With over 90% of us not eating our daily recommend intake of vegetables, we have to question why not?

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Here at Balance Minder we take a strength based approach to a problem.

What I know? all the above
What I wonder? How to adapt Eat Well, Waste Little in to my life?
What I have learned? Start with little doable things.

Step 1. Use 20% of my food budget on vegetables (fresh, frozen and canned)

Step 2.  Eat them, don't just look at them until they are beyond use.


When cutting up salad vegetables, make a double serve. Refrigerate extras.  Coleslaw ingredients with no dressing can easily become stir-fry or  soup/casserole ingredients.

Start cooking extra vegetables each meal, try and get half your plate full with them. Use the leftovers for lunch the next day with some noodles and cooked chook.

Start a left over veges scrapbook. No not with the actual veges, jot down ideas and recipes you discover.  Check out our Balance Minder recipe section of our blog.

Good luck.  Eat well, Waste Little and balance body, mind and soul.

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