Savoury Crepes, Sweet!

Here is an easy way to fill the belly, its a great way to use your pizza fillings.

Savoury Crepes, Sweet!


3 eggs
2 cups milk
1 cup plain flour

spray oil

whisk milk and eggs together and then gently add sifted flour a little at a time to keep the batter smooth.  Yes it is runny, that is how it is supposed to be, relax!
Heat pan to medium heat, spray with oil and spoon a little of the batter (try 1/4 cup) allow it to smooth out over the base of the pan, it should be very thin.  You can stack each one to top of each other to serve straight away or put baking paper between each one to freeze them.

Make it Gluten and Dairy Free
I have replaced the milk with soy milk and the plai
n flour with gluten free flour and it still turned out.  You need to lower the heat when cooking GF.

Chicken, mushroom, spinach and cheese
Ham, cheese and pineapple
strawberry jam
savoury mince

Please feel free to add your own ideas