Warm up to most things can take time

In any activity it is important to prepare the body and mind. The result from not doing so can be discomfort or even worst injury. Tai chi is slow and gentle and often people rush straight into it, jumping ahead without preparation.

Warming up the body could be a set of exercises used to check your posture, range of movement and increase your work load to walk and talk.

But what about the mind? Warming up the mind, getting into the mood for slow and gentle can be difficult. With this busy life of ours it's rush, rush,  rush.  So don't be disappointed or even give up when you have to fight your mind when doing tai chi. With practice it will follow your body.

Tai Chi starts in the feet, delivered in the waist and expressed in the hands and then the mind will follow.

Be well, enjoy the flow of life, let tai chi be

If the video doesn't open on this page click on this link:
Warming up to Time Out Tai Chi